The William Wallace Braveheart Sword

The wallace sword and sheath mounted on the wall

The William Wallace sword (Shown wall mounted on the left) is a big old two hander that is very plain without too much of the fancy stuff and it looks great. I purchased this sword from and I am extremely happy with it. It is a great bargain for the price from a dealer on Original William Wallace #1 Medieval Sword Here are some of my thoughts on this sword.

I also took it apart so you could get a look at how it is made and how to maintain it easily.

So is this sword worth the money?

Absolutely! I paid a total of about fifty bucks for it. That included shipping and handling. I can't tell you how much you will pay for it. You will have to check for the current price. But for the money I spent you just can't go wrong. You get yourself a big sword, that makes a statement and looks good on the wall. Of course you can take it down and hand it to friends so they get a feel for it. But it is not a combat sword. The edge, is stainless steel and sharpened but it will not take much damage.

Unless you are planning on doing some serious larping or stage performing you really have no need for a combat ready sword. Unless you collect them but that's a whole different ball of wax and a whole different price range!

I take it apart so you can get a look at how it is constructed. I also have a video where I show you how I take it apart and tell you a little bit about it and how to maintain it.






The picture below shows the disassembled handle assembly. There are a total of five pieces to this sword including blade, Guard, Grip, nut, and pommel. This is a common way that inexpensive swords are made. Its economical. The rod sticking out of the blad is a threaded rod that is welded to the end of the blade. This way you can slide the Guard over it, then slide the grip, you then put the nut and finally the pommel and then turn it so it's nice and tight. Something like this is not as strong as a full tang sword but you are talking a different quality and price range. This is just a basic big old two hander that is reasonably priced and looks good on the wall.

disassembled sword


Flexing the two handed sword

An interesting thing to note about this sword is the flexibility of the blade. In the picture at left you can see me pressing down and the sword and the blade is bowing slightly. This is a characteristic of a very long sword. the longer the sword the more flex it is going to have and this is a function of finding balance between the weight of the sword and the strength of the sword. If you were to make it so it had no flex at all it would be very heavy and very prone to breaking easily. With some flex in the blade it has some give and it is not so thick so it weighs less.












In this video I show you how to take the sword apart and talk about the quality and care of it.



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