The Tanto

The name for a Japanese Dagger with a very specific look and feel.


A Tanto has a very specific look to it as a dagger. But nowadays there are quite a few different variations that are still called a tanto.

One of the most recognizable things about the Tanto is the thick and strong pointed blade which makes it very good for thrusting with power.


A Tanto is a small sword (we call this a dagger) that is typically between 6 and 12 inches in length. It is primarily used as a thrusting weapon but Tantos do have at least one sharpened edge and sometimes both edges are sharpened. Tantos were carried by Samurai and sometimes smaller versions were carried by women for self defense.

This type of knife first appeared during th Japanese Heian period which ranged from 794 to 1185 AD. This type of Tanto wasn't very stylized. They were more about function at this time. Over the following centuries they were designed and made with more artistic and aesthetic value.


Cold Steel Kobun Black Kraton Handle

The Kobun is a lightweight Tanto styled boot knife. It takes its namesake from the Japanese martial, or underworld where the word "Kobun" means "soldier". It's a fitting name for a knife like the Kobun, which was effectively designed to be "a good soldier". In profile it closely resembles our Master Tanto, but it sports a thinner blade, and that supports its main function; to be a light weight boot knife.


Recon Tanto

Cold Steel Recon Tanto Black Kraton Handle

All of the knives featured in our battle ready classics series have been made by cold steel for many years and are well proven in the field as well as in hand to hand combat. frankly, we have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how we could improve them without drastically raising their price. the answer was to offer them in our famous san mai iii steel. Made in japan according to our strict standards since the mid 1980's, san mai iii has proven unsurpassed in strength, toughness, sharpness and ease of re-sharpening.


Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife

The Tanto blade shape, of Asian influence, has a thick pointed blade that's good for penetration. Coupled with a glass-filled nylon sheath this knife is designed for the toughest of tasks. Glass-filled nylon sheath included.

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