DVD - Reclaiming The Blade

Reclaiming The Blade I was browsing through my netflix account last night looking for something good to watch when I stumbled across this film: Reclaiming the Blade  ( Reclaiming the Blade (2-disc Special Edition) . It is a documentary of sorts that describes the history of the sword and also delves deeply into the lasting impression that the sword has on us even to this day when swords are pretty much not of any military use. It is undeniable that the sword holds a place of symbolic power, strength and reverance in today's world. And this film explores this theme.

There are lots of great tie ins to modern film,  and how the sword is still very much used in film, from star wars to period movies like Kingdom of Heaven. There is also lots of footage from these movies and an explanation of how the sword is portrayed and used in these movies.  There are also a lot of great interviews with archaeologists, film makers, sword makers and even actors including Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings.

Another interesting aspect that is covered in the documentary is the difference between European swords/martial arts and the Eastern swords and martial arts.  Which was an extra bonus for me considering I just recently returned from a trip to Japan where I purchased a Samurai Sword .

Here are a few tasty snippets that I got from the film:

1. Want to know what brought the sword into its modern day prominence? It has got to be Oakshotts classification of Swords. you can see it here: Oakshotts classification of Swords

2. Here are some great modern movies that stay true to having the sword fighting be authentic to the period the movie was made for:

And, there is lots of stuff about the modern practice and art of sword fighting through sub cultures like the Society of Creative Anachronism, and the HACA (The Historical Armed Combat Association). All in all, if you are a fan of swords then this is a must watch. You are going to be pleased and amazed.

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