Two Handed Flamberge: Review


(This sword is available on Landesknechte Flamberge Sword )

Before I get into my review here is what the seller of the sword says:

"Mirroring the original piece dating back to early 1500 Germany, this classic two-hand sword is a must have! Equipped with Kriss style stainless steel mirror polished blade, leather wrapped handle and ricasso grips accented with polished silver guard and pommel. Landesknechte Flamberge Sword measures stunning 51 1/2" TALL! and so "authentic", it rivals ones found in museums. Landesknechte Flamberge Sword is a must for the serious weapons connoisseur, and will become the treasured centerpiece in their collection.

This handmade sword is not for the faint of heart Great Landsknecht Swords were
wielded by only the strongest and most fearless chosen front line Swiss and German soldiers of the Middle Ages.
Its main purpose was used to down charging horsemen and cut off oncoming pike heads.
Wrought iron and steel has been worked to duplicate the design of an original piece now in private collection".

My Review of this sword

I received, by UPS, my Two handed Landsknecht Sword yesterday and today I spent some time with it. Looking at it, examining it and wielding it. Here are some pictures and some thoughts about it.

About the shipping. The sword came double wrapped in tape and bubble wrap and was double boxed so it was in perfect shape when it arrived. And I was stunned by how fast they got it to me. Overall a great experience. I am still waiting for the little wall hangers to come in from another company! You figure they would come faster.

 My initial impression was that this sword is fantastic. It looks great and feels solid and will really look good mounted on the wall. The blade is stainless steel and the handle and Ricasso grips are real leather sewn tightly. It has a nice shine and will no doubt keep its shine with minimum maintenance.

Now, this sword is definitely not a combat ready or a larping sword. It is a display sword but it is more than durable enough to take it down from the wall, show it to friends and heft it around a bit. The point of this sword is the unique look and the large size. It's a collectors piece and according to all the manufacturers information about it it is an duplicated design from an actual piece that is now in a private collection.

Dimensions: Length: 49.5 inches, handguard: 10 inches

Weight: Just a tad over 3 1/2 pounds (on my unofficial produce scale)

Here are a couple of pictures with me and the sword so you can get an idea of the size of it. I am six foot two. The first picture shows me with a traditional two handed grip on the sword. The second picture shows me choking up on the Ricasso. This leather covered part of the blade (ricasso) was meant to be used when the fighting go in close. It gave more control over such a large weapon.


My online sword buying experience: I spent quite a bit of time looking specifically for a big two hander and it can be tough to buy one online because you cannot really be sure of what you are getting. I stuck to websites that I knew were reputable and around for a while and eventually I bought this one from - yup.  Because I knew amazon would back it and make it trouble free if there was some kind of problem or if I wasn't satisfied. And because I knew my credit card is secure with them.

About owning a sword

I believe that every man should own at least one sword! And it should reflect a bit of his personality. Now this rule might not apply if you have little children in the house! Me, I am an empty nester so no worries for me.

So, if you are interested in this sword here is a page on with several options from different vendors. You are going to be surprised by the low price.  Big Two-handed Swords and Flamberges are here

More pictures of this Two handed flamberge

Handle of the sword (two hand grips)

The Crosspiece



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