Famous Medieval Swords





Here are some of the most famous medieval swords. Some of them are mythical and some of them actually exist. All of them have stories....





Excalibur - Well, if we are talking about famous medieval swords we have to start out with Excalibur. It is the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur and given to him by the lady in the lake.









Song of Roland

Durendal - This is the name of the sword wielded by Roland in the song of Roland.

It was purported to have been forged by the famous blacksmith Wayland it was given to Charlemagne who gave it to Roland.

Other stories about the sword are that it has embedded in its hilt a tooth of Saint Peter, the blood of Saint Basil, the hair of Saint Denis and a part of the clothing of Mary.



There is a folklore legend that the sword is now embedded in a stone wall in Rocamadour France. Picture Credit







Joyeuse - The sword of CharleMagne
This is a picture of Joyeuse in the Louvre.

There are a lot of legends around the sword of Charlemagne including that it changed colors 30 times a day. It was also said to be forged from the ancient lance of Longinus which was the Lance that speared Jesus on the cross.

Picture Credit

Tizona - The sword of El Cid

El Cid was a Spanish General who lived from 1043 - 1099. He was considered to be a champion of the martial arts and an extraordinary battlefield commander often using techniques such as psychological warfare.

There are two inscriptions on the blade in medieval spanish:


"I am Tizona, made in the year 1040"


"Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you"


Another picture of Tizona.


The William Wallace Sword

William Wallace was a knight and patriot of Scotland that led the scottish in rebelliion against the English. His story was made popular by the movie Braveheart. He lived from 1272-1305.

There is a lot of speculation about this sword being actually his because the hilt was added centuries later and the blade is not characteristic of a sword from Wallace's time.


Photo Credit




Godfrey's Sword:

Godfrey was a medieval frankish knight who lived from 1060 -1100 and was one of the leaders of the successful siege of Jerusalem in the First Crusade.


Picture credit












Honjo Masamune -

This is often considered to be the greatest japanese sword ever made and Masamune is considered to be the greatest Japanese blacksmith of all time (1264-1343). The sword itself has been passed down from Shogun to Shogun and is now officially listed as a Japanese national treasure.


The Sword of Mercy - 11th century sword

This is an interesting sword and it has a broken blade. The story goes that an angel broke the blade so that it would not cause a wrongful killing. This sword is still used today by the British monarchy when a new king is coronated and when a knighthood is bestowed.

It was once owned by Edward the Confessor who ruled from 1042 - 1066

Hrunting - This is the sword given to Beowulf by Unferth.

The Sword of Attila - This is the sword that Attila the Hun carried. The legend of how it was found as told by Priscus:

"When a certain shepherd beheld one heifer of his flock limping and could find no cause for this wound, he anxiously followed the trail of blood and at length came to a sword it had unwittingly trampled while nibbling the grass. He dug it up and took it straight to Attila. He rejoiced at this gift and, being ambitious, thought he had been appointed ruler of the whole world, and that through the sword of Mars supremacy in all wars was assured to him."

Zulfiqar - An ancient scimitar wielded by Ali who was the cousin and son-in-law of the prophet Muhammed. The sword was given as a gift from Muhammed to Ali and it is purported to be in existence still today in a private collection. There are conflicting stories and pictures of the sword but it almost is always described as a scimitar with two blades or possibly one blade with a partial second blade.

LegBiter - Sword of the Viking King Magnus BareLegs





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