Truly Crazy and Medieval Swords

This is a selection of some of the most medieval swords that can be found. All of these swords are simply unique and different. You aren't going to see swords like this very often. If you are looking for something that is truly medieval yet truly unique and different then these are the swords for you.







Winged fantasy sword Winged Fantasy Sword with Blue Blade

This is one of the most distinctive fantasy swords to hit the market in years, and it is just waiting for you to add it to your fantasy collection. This sword features an innovative blue stainless steel blade design that accents the power, look, and feel of this intimidating collectible weapon. The uniquely crafted cast metal handle offers an eye-catching winged guard that further marks the collectability of this amazing piece. This sword measures 47" overall in length and includes a wood display plaque.



Dragon dagger sword

Dragon Knight Medieval Fantasy Sword w/ Plaque

This is a rather unusual sword for a couple of different reasons. First off it uses stealth in that it has two hidden dragon daggers that are removable. Secondly is has the very unique blood red anodized blade.

This sword is screaming for attention! The 33 1/2" stainless steel blade is anodized with a cool red finish adding a appeal like never before seen! The cast metal dragon guard extends and offers removable stainless steel daggers. The pommel and grip coordinate with the fierce appeal of the guard. Includes a hardwood wall plaque. 44 1/4" overall


This classic two handed fantasy sword is equipped with a 27 5/8" stainless steel blade with anodized black coating adding to the fantasy appeal. The hardwood handle is black grain and provides a sturdy grip. The ultimate fantasy sword at an unbeatable price. 39 1/2" overall -Dark Demon Slayer Sword Fantasy









In a striking pose, this Winged Bat looks ready to attack. This sword is decorated in ornate, intricate detail; featuring a demon with full wing span, and protective neck and butt. This sword measures 47 inches with a 28 inch stainless steel blade. Demon Rising Battle Sword




Elf Warrior Fantasy Sword Set

Elves are graceful and elegant in everything they do and it shows in these two blades. In this set you get dual full tang polished stainless steel blades with an acid etching. The handles are wrapped in imitation leather for a comfort like none other. The throat is cast aluminum with gold color accents. These two swords can be combined into one piece if you so choose. Comes with sheath and wooden display plaque. 18 3/4 inches overall length.



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