A Medieval Sword from London

I received an email from someone who purchased an Officers Royal Artillery Sword while he was on vacation in London in 1994. He is now interested in learning more about the sword and possibly selling it. If you can add any information about this sword or you can assess the value of it you can send me an email. It is quite a beautiful sword and here is what the owner knows about it:

"I got this in London in 1994 from a dealer, I looked at about 30 swords before I bought this one. I had papers for it and I have been looking for them the sword was custom made for an Officer of the Royal Artillery . The Guys initials are A.W.C with his family crest on it. The crest says Over For Over with a Unicorn in the middle. It says near the grip (Handcrafted by Pillin for Brodie 10 Princes St Hanover Squ London) The dealer said it was made in the 1700's and the we paid 300 pounds for it and that's like $450."

Here are some pictures of the Sword


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