The term "Medieval Sword" evokes a feeling of power. A Medieval Sword is not just your ordinary sword..

A sword is a symbol of power. When you think of a sword an image of a knight probably comes to mind - maybe even castles and dragons. But when you think of a "Medieval Sword" an all together different image comes to mind. A Medieval Sword looks and feels different than your ordinary sword. Here are some essays, information, and resources about this special kind of sword..

New Article: Famous Medieval Swords - We take a look at some very famous swords from the past. These include mythical and real. Some of them still exist to this day and are considered national treasures by their respective countries. Did you know that there is a sword embedded in a wall in a town in France? It is purported to be the sword of Roland. I have a picture.

Trivia: A knight often had two different types of swords, an "Arming Sword" which is the typical sword that is sharp on both edges. But also the "Back Sword" which was only sharp along one edge. Although sometimes the last few inches of the other edge were sometimes sharpened.

Ever wonder why there is a groove on the blade of swords and knives? Here is the name of it and the reason for it: The groove on a sword


New: A look at ten different sword types spanning centuries and countries. It's an interesting insight into the development of the sword. Ten Different types of swords.



Free Medieval Books on subjects like War, Tactics and Sword Fighting. Some of these are mandatory classics. List is right here, kindle and epub.





Want to watch a video of the first steps in forging a sword? Want to see how to make a sword? I have created a vid and have it right here on my youtube channel: How to Forge a sword This is part 1 and it shows some of the rough forging and shaping. And if you ever wanted to do something like this it is very possible. I do it with a small little forge that I made myself.




Want to learn Medieval Combat Arts? Well, I can't find you a teacher but I can recommend some amazing books. These books are true combat arms books most of which were written hundreds of years ago when swordsmanship was a life or death art. Books on Learning Medieval Combat Arts and swordsmanship



Sword handleA look at Medieval Swords in an Armory/Museum - Want to see some real swords dating back as far as the 12th century? A look at some Real Medieval Swords





Updates to This website: I have updated a whole lot of stuff on this website:


17th Century Artillery Officer Sword

Someone sent me an email about this 17th Century British Artillery Officer Sword. He wants to learn more about it and is considering selling it. Take a look at more pictures and maybe you can shed some light on this sword if you know about this kind of sword. Artillery Officer Sword from London

Reclaiming The Blade - DVD

DVD Review: Reclaiming the Blade - This is a great documentary that is all about how the sword remains a symbol of power and strength even in modern times when they aren't used in combat anymore but still very much used in recreation, re-enactment and in movies. Read my review of this DVD here: Reclaiming The Blade




My Samurai SwordMy Samurai Sword - Not all Medieval Swords come from Europe. This is a story about my trip to Japan and my quest to get a Samurai Sword. It's a true and unusual story. The picture on the left is of me in Kyoto Japan receiving my sword. The Story is here: My Samurai Sword







William Wallace Braveheart Sword

Product Review: The William Wallace Braveheart Sword - This review also includes a video and I take the Sword apart so you can get a look at its features, how its made and how to maintain it. The William Wallace Sword







Me with two handed FlambergeProduct Review: The Two Handed Flamberge This is quite the big sword and it is really something. I will be displaying it on my wall. Here is information about it, about the online buying experience and more. There are also lots of pictures of this particular sword with some close-ups.







Cardboard Katana
New Project: How to Make a Cardboard Katana:
This tutorial shows you how to make a great looking katana out of cardboard. And it is super strong because we adapt the secret techniques of the Japanese sword masters to the art of cardboard. How to Make a Cardboard Katana

Spartan SwordMake a Spartan 300 Warrior Sword out of cardboard This is a tutorial with video that shows you how to make a nice looking Spartan sword out of cardboard. It is very strong and easy to make. Should take you less than 2 hours depending on the glue drying time. How to Make a Spartan Sword


Swords from the Video Games - There are lots of great Medieval Swords in video games from Final Fantasy to Bloodrayne, Zelda, and Lord of the Rings. Video Game Swords



How to Make a sword

How to Make a Sword - Swordmaking is a very old craft and there are lots of ways to make a sword. Here is the traditional six step method for making a real sword. How to make a Medieval Sword


Swords From Movies




The History of Medieval Swords

Roman Centurion Sword The Best early examples are of the Roman Swords. These swords were directly derived from the designs of the early bronze age swords. Several distinct features stand out. First off, they were predominantly used for stabbing. The metal working technology of the time was not advanced enough to make a strong enough blade for slicing and hacking. Secondly there was no cross piece or handguard. These swords were often made by pouring the metal directly into stone casts then shaping them. The handles were often made of wood. This type of sword dates back 2,000 years and its predecessor the Bronze sword dates even further back.


The Iron Age Changed and developed the Medieval Sword

The Iron Age is generally accepted as having started around the 12th Century. Metalworking skill quickly developed and improved and in particular the working of swords was brought to a very high level in Celtic and British cultures.

This Celtic Dress Sword is a replica of an early celtic sword. You can see that there have been some design improvements in sword technology. The blade is longer and the sides are sharpened. This Medieval Sword could be effectively used for slashing and not just stabbing. You can also see some changes in the handle. The crosspiece, made of brass, protrudes a bit from the handle. As swords became used for slashing the crosspiece became an effective defnese against an opponents blade. This crosspiece would stop the opponents blade before it could slide down onto the handle and cut the holders hand.


plain medieval swordMedieval Tewksbury Sword This sword is representative of the early to middle Iron Age sword that came out of Britain and Europe. The sword is quite plain in how it looks. Functionality was the most important factor. After all, it was a weapon with life or death consequences. Notice how the crosspiece has been extended.




12th Century Templar sword

12th Century Templar Sword - This is the 440 Stainless Steel Crusader Sword.The sword is 47 " and highly detailed with Templar symbols along the guard and handle. The blade comes unsharpened.




The Middle to Late Middle Ages saw the rapid spread of the technology and techniques of metalworking and smithing and many different types of medieval swords were created all over the world. And they varied quite significantly from the highly streamlined Katanas of the Samurai to the sweeping curves of the Persian swords.

The Persian Scimitar - Is famous for its sweeping curved blade. This weapon was sharpened on one edge and was predominantly used as a slicing weapon.

Trademark Warrior Scimitar of Persia

Massive Stainless Steel Radius Blade! "Warrior Scimitar of Persia" This Middle Eastern masterpiece has just arrived and is very impressive. This 37 inch sword has a steel handle done in natural wood grain and also rainbow....as well as a stainless steel blade that has a massive scimitar style radius edge. This sword is extremely blade heavy and may take 2 hands to control. This sword comes with a protective leather sheath to accomodate the massive blade.



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